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 Meditation Accessories

WEBE's first range of products include meditation pillows. 
'Zafu' is a traditional Japanese pillow used for meditation since centuries. The 'Cresent Zafu' and the 'Smiley' pillow are also comfortable options.

One needs to choose the right kind and size of pillow according to their individual preferences.

The pillow covers are made from 100% organic cotton fabric and are filled with buckwheat hulls or kapok.

Meditation Mats
1. Kora grass mat
2. Organic cotton quilted mat
Cane and Fabric mats (for yoga and meditation) are specially for outdoor meditation.

Zafu (sun)
Available in two sizes
Ht : 4" / 6"
Filling: Buckwheat hulls OR Kapok

Crescent Zafu
Available in two sizes
Ht : 4" / 6"
Filling: Buckwheat hulls OR Kapok

Smiley Pillow
Filling: Buckwheat hulls OR Kapok

Size: 36" x 36"
Zabuton is filled with buckwheat hulls or kapok or organic cotton. It gives comfort to the knees and makes sitting for a longer duration easier.

Seiza bench
Made from Assamese cane, finished with eco-friendly polish
Available with / without a pillow
'Seiza bench' made from cane is for people who cannot fold their legs due to age or ailments.

Please refer the tab 'how to use' to know how to use the pillows. 

a. 'Padmasana' or the 'full-lotus position' on zafu
b. 'Vajarasana' or the 'thunderbolt position' on seiza bench

Healing Pillows
Specaily designed pillows for well-being
 Bolster Pillow - for Sleeping

Incorrect Sleeping position and lack of support to the neck leads to various back and neck ailments.

WEBE Bolster, filled with buckwheat hulls, have an ability to perfectly conform to the exact contours of the neck, hence supporting it.
   It helps cure head/back aches caused due to our day to day improper postures.

- Used for both sleeping postures : on the back & sideways.
- Also used as a prop of a few yoga postures.
- Can also be used under the knees.

Please refer 'how to use' tab to know more about WEBE Bolster.

Neck Pillow - for Traveling

The U-shaped neck pillow filled with Kapok can be used to support the neck in its natural curve when one is sleeping / resting in a sitting position. Be it watching TV or relaxing in the garden.

Highly recommended for long-distance travels.

It is also used as a face-cradle for various massages and yoga positions

Eye Pillow - for relaxation
Eyes hold stress and fatigue, and are also a channel to release them.

Fragrant Eye pillows filled with flax seeds help calm the eyes releasing tensions.

They can be refrigerated in summers and provide relaxation by cooling the eyes.

Knee Pillow - be gentle to your knees

Knee Pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls and take the exact shape of the curve of your knees while you sleep.

Neck Roll - supporting your neck

The Neck Roll is filled with buckwheat hulls and supports your neck, exactly where required.

The filling inside can be controlled as the inner cover has a zip to remove/add hulls.

Recommended for people with back/neck aches.

Baby Accessories
Boppy Pillow - for feeding/nursing

The Boppy Pillow filled with soft kapok fiber is a great support for the mother while feeding the baby.

Muse Pillow - for the new born baby

The Muse Pillow is filled with mustard seeds that naturally oil and shape the baby's head.
For : the new born baby upto six months old.

Baby Mat - reversible

The Baby Mat has a thin layer of organic cotton matted between two layers of fabric.
It is reversible.

Bow Pillow - for children

The Bow Pillow filled with soft kapok is for children; age: 6 months to 2 yrs.

Yoga Accessories
Yoga Mats

Fabric Yoga Mat with a carry bag

Kora Grass Yoga mat with a carry bag

Beeswax Candles - For Air Purification

Benefits of Beeswax Candles :

- Beeswax candles are natural air purifiers producing (-ve) negative ions (anions), hence balancing the indoor atmosphere where (+ve) positive ions are constantly emitted by paints, polishes or pollution.

- Their natural aroma uplifts the moods. However, scented candles are also equally soothing.

- It emits a clear flame and burns for much longer as compared to paraffin which is oil-based (made from polluted petroleum sludge) . Its soot is white and completely non-toxic.

- Directly produced from the honey-comb, it is 100% eco-friendly.

More about negative ions :

Air contains billions of electrically charged particles called 'ions'. Ions act upon our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen, and therefore cause powerful effects on our lives and well being. The ions in the air can affect our mood, energy and health. Negative ions actually feel good. Too many positive ions make us feel low as they are loaded with pollution and allergens that are drawn to them and suspended in the air. 
Negative ions remove the pollution and allergens from positive ions, allowing them to drop harmlessly to the ground.
Beeswax candle fuel is the only fuel that actually produces negative ions, which not only helps remove pollution from the air but increases the ratio of negative ions to positive ions, the ideal and necessary scenario for clean air.

Bath Range - Anti- Bacterial
Towels - Bamboo fibre
Made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo fibre, WEBE towels are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature. They help avoid skin infections caused due to contaminated water or sweat.

Soft in touch and gentle to the skin, the towels are dyed with GOTS certified dyes. 

Their absorption and exudation rate being high, they dry easily.
Available in various colours. (khakhi brown, blue, pink, olive green, white)
 Available in 3 sizes :
12" x 12"   /   15" x 24"   /    26" x 54"

Also available in a set of three.
Hair Wrap

Used to keep the hair warm after bath (specially after hair colour and conditioning), while taking a massage therapy or sauna bath.

Bath Robe

For Men, Women and children.


Mats and Coasters 
Kora Grass

Table Mats from Kora grass
(available in a set of 2 / 6)

Sizes :
Circular Table mats : Dia : 14"
Square Table mats : 14" x 14"
Rectangle Table mats : 12" x 16"

Circular Tea Cup Coaster : Dia :  8"

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